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About me

my name is dina

I'm Moscow-born, London-bred.

I have a BA in psychology and an MSc from the world's first Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology course. Boom! It was ground-breaking and I can't wait to share the insight with you!

I have worked in the public, private and very private (luxury) sectors. I've worked in London and Buenos Aires. I've worked freelance, temp, perm, part-time, over-time. I've worked in English-speaking roles as well as Russian-speaking ones. I've had active on your feet roles and desk-based roles. I've worked in large corporations, small businesses, in start-ups, and freelancing.

I know what it's like not to know, to make changes, to start over, to put yourself out there. I've coached myself and hired coaches. And thanks to all that experience I am confident I can help you get clear on what to do next and to make it all less daunting! We're going to make this fun.