Do you yearn to learn?

I love learning. In case you hadn’t noticed from my last post.

Not only was it about a masters, a learning experience in itself, but it was about what I learned about that. Haha will I ever stop? No. Although I’m not doing a PhD. No way, no. Maybe.


Learning is an addiction to me. I find out something new, it infuses me with inspiration and sparks a new idea, so I go from student to creator in seconds. And then I’m filled with excitement about the infinite possibilities of action I could take and filled with optimism about the future.

That is essentially what a good coaching session does.

If you’re feeling down or stuck, it’s because you’re looking inward and searching for answers from the same brain that created the problem.

A coach encourages you to look upward and outward. To think “I don’t have all the answers, but others do, so let me go on an adventure, ask some questions, and get me some solutions”. And when you become the student and you interact with people and look for clues, a lot of magic happens. It’s fertile ground for serendipity.

Learning puts you in a state of awe, so you can’t help but think awesome thoughts.

And when you’re filled with ideas and inspiration, you’re filled with energy, so there’s no way you stay stuck. You’re raging to create and move forward. And suddenly BOOM! You’re happy about where you are right now and excited about the future. And isn’t that a great place to be?

So set yourself a little fun task to learn something new in the next couple of days that sparks your creativity.

And if you’re totally stuck with that challenge. I’m here for inspiration. Get in touch.