7 light-reading tidbits for 2017

1. New Year’s Eve celebrations: hot & cold
Edinburgh is super tough. It completely ignores the cold. Its NYE celebrations, named Hogmany, includes street parties in the day and 4.5 tonnes of fireworks set off over Edinburgh castle in the night.
Meanwhile in Rio everyone hits the beach (obviously) for the fireworks, throws flowers into the sea for the sea goddess Yemanja and apparently you can increase your good luck in the new year if you jump over 7 different waves while making your New Year's wishes (I reckon this was the excuse people made up to explain running into the sea to pee after hours of beach time revelling).
2. Random Hollywood fact
During World War II, because about 75% of Hollywood’s production went toward the war effort, it was declared an essential industry by Roosevelt, meaning its key personnel couldn’t be drafted. Aah the life of celebs – protected from war but not paparazzi – swings and roundabouts, eh?
3. Oldie but a goodie: TED Talk
Shawn Anchor’s TED Talk on the happiness advantage. Hilarious, short, and still one of the best videos explaining the benefits of positive psychology.
4. 2017 - looking back 100 years
1917 was the year of the Russian Revolution, penultimate year of WWI- America joined the war, Albert Einstein published his first paper on cosmology, and Houdini Performed Buried Alive Escape. Obviously there were other events but I feel I struck a good balance of serious and non-essential-to-daily life information.
5. 2017 - looking forward
August 21 – A total solar eclipse will take place (the first total solar eclipse of the 21st century for the US); it's 15 years since the launch of the Euro (QUIZ: who can name all the old currency the EU countries used? Lira- Italy...now you're on your own); 70th anniversary of Edinburgh festivals; 200th anniversary of the death of Jane Austen. Again, a good balance of non-essentials.
6. My calling as a Food Futurologist
My prediction (born in Sep 2016) that the next super food will be watermelon seeds is beginning to bloom. I’ve seen one article on it already. Watch closely for your local gluten-free instagram-friendly acai-bowl-serving avocado-smash-worshipping hipster café to start serving them. On sea shells. Heard it here first.
7. Quote from a legend
From the great Leonard Cohen

“We are always looking for things to do between meals”.

Now ain’t that real the truth.