Here's how to make your job ridiculously dreamy

You know when you fantasize about a dream job?

You may go into detail about the kind of people that work their, company vision, your role, opportunities open to you, chances for growth and collaboration, even the building design…
I did some dreaming.

I dreamt of being a life coach full-time at an organization that share my values on providing value, on authenticity at work, on creation and collaboration, on learning, and truly innovating. I dreamt of my role as an in-house life coach designing content, workshops, initiatives for internal staff and for external clients. It would understand that the key to happy and productive workforce is autonomy and letting people work on their strengths. I dreamt of happy, kind people at work being themselves, not drones with their corporate face and small chat, but instead real exciting conversation.
Anyway, long story short. I got my dream job!!!!
I am super excited to announce that I am now a full-time Life Coach at Mastered, a trailblazing organization, if you ask me! I am in love with what they’re doing and how they think.
Their goal was to help creative become successful.
(No small task, but pretty awesome goal)
Through trial and error, learning by doing, they found out how. They are an online accelerator course which provides creative professionals with the skills, attitude, network and exposure they need to succeed in the fashion industry.
However, they also recognize that with learning, growing and stepping outside your comfort zone, comes anxiety, self-doubt and fear. Why isn't anyone else acknowledging this and doing something about it?!
Cue life coach, cue me!

So I’m now a life-coach to these professional creatives helping them overcome mental chatter with positive strategies so they can propel themselves.
I’ll still be providing Quarter Life crisis coaching on the side, as well as doing talks and workshops, but with a select number of clients.
Now, this post isn’t just about me.
It’s a post to encourage you not to give up on your dream job. Keep plumping up that daydream with details, because if you do, it will come true!
And don’t be constrained by the standard job roles. Think outside the box.
Full-time life coaching positions don’t exist.  Or so I thought. Usually life coaches work for themselves or are signed up to a few companies that resource them. But if my daydream turned into a reality yours can too.
In a bid to get you to get creative, here is a list of ridiculous jobs and ways to spend your time making money.

Food Futurologist

Speak to experts, travel the world, find out about innovations ahead of everyone else, try food, give talks about food. Honest, it exists, she's doing it.

Dog walker

In Buenos Aires these guys had about 12 pooches they walked Monday to Friday. I worked out they were ‘working’ 5 hours a day and making more money than I was as a part-time TEFL teacher. And I went on a month-long course to get the qualification. Could have just pet some dogs in the local park.

Water-slide tester

First Choice are paying a man to travel round the world, from Majorca to Jamaica rating the slides on splash size and adrenalin factor. This is a full-time role people! And it exists.

Press Junkie at a 5* hotel

Essentially you get paid to party with celebs. Your job is to get them to stay at the hotel you’re working for. How do you do it? You just party with them, have fun, make friends, invite them over to your 5* hotel and be there when they come and you get paid for it.

Yacht crew

You sail the world on a luxury yacht. Yes you’re working for rich people, but no computers. You’re not tied to a desk, and you get a tan, sea air and see the nice parts of the world.

Mystery Shopper

From event venues and shops, to restaurants and hotels. You get to go, trial the goods, write about it, and bring a friend to the ride to treat them

Food + art historian

I stumbled upon a lady called Tasha Marks who “champions the use of food as an artistic medium, with projects ranging from museum-style exhibitions (V&A, RA to name a few big players) and sculptural installations to interactive lectures and limited-edition confectionery. Tasha has diverse culinary interests ranging from 16th century cabinets of curiosity to 1930s medicinal cookery”. I’m in awe myself. Sounds insatiably fascinating.
So don’t assume your dream job doesn’t exist, or that you can’t get it. You can create it!
And if you’re in a not-so-dreamy job now, here’s a way to make it better.

0 - Dreamy Task

Think of one thing you can add to it, or take away from it, that would make it closer to dreamy.
What will it bring to your daily life that will make you more fulfilled or happier?
How will it improve your performance?
Then clear your throat and ask for it at work. Present a case. Why not? Worst case-scenario they say no, but they'll appreciate you speaking up.

“Please can X happen as it will make me Y, which will make you, the team and the company Z”.
Is it a training course, a promotion, an assistant, impromptu leave? Have a think.
Happy daydreaming people!