How to differentiate between coaches. Part 1

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 16.13.04.png

Do you choose a performance coach, a transformational coach, business coach, leadership coach, clarity coach, success coach or some other made up coach name coach?

And what's the difference anyway?

There are so many coach titles out there and really the titles don't matter, all that matters is you like them and you're getting the results you want. However what is useful to know is the different styles of coaching out there. The graph above, although not the most visually compelling, is a great way to understand the continuum along which coaches function.


Bottom left corner is the more humanistic approach which means they believe the client has all the answers so you're not likely to get tools or suggestions here. You're going to be doing most of the talking, they'll ask exploratory questions. The sessions will feel nice and gentle and almost philosophical. Go there if you want to think out loud and explore.


If you're done thinking and you've in fact been over thinking and not taking action then top right corner is the coaching for you. It's more directive and you'll get tools, exercises, suggestions. Sessions won't be gentle, they're more likely to feel uncomfortable because you're being challenged out your comfort zone and into growth. You may not feel amazing on the sessions but you feel totally fantastic afterwards because you've finally taken action.

My style

I, like most other coaches, adapt my style to the client what their needs are and where they are in their journey. So usually the first sessions are more on the humanistic side because clients need to explore what’s going on in their heads to find out what they want to work on in coaching. During those sessions it’s all about the coach listening and getting to know the client. Then when a goal has been agreed upon and it’s time to get into action, I’ll switch it into the directive mode because it’s no use for me or my clients to let my them indulge in excuses and procrastination.

The directive coaching is also the kind of coaching we do on our Kick start 2019 power group coaching programmes because group coaching is all about gaining huge momentum. The kind you can only get when there are daily activites, you’re required to do the work and you have a group that’s holding you accountable.