But I don't know HOW!!


You want to shift the last 5kg 

You want to work for yourself 

You want to move to another country

You want to build a website 

You want to stop smoking 


From the small to the large goals, we all have some things that we haven't managed to do yet.

One of the most common reasons I hear my clients say is “I don’t know how”

But that’s the easy part!! If you don’t know something, what do you do? You go on an information-gathering spree. You find people who have already done it and use their strategies. 


You want to shift the last 5kg

Hire a personal trainer, buy a program, YouTube work-out videos, sign up to a marathon.

You want to work for yourself 

Go to entrepreneur talks, listen to Podcasts of the people who’ve done it, contact the people directly and go for coffee

You want to move countries 

Talk to relocation companies, read expat forums of the country you want to visit,  call the Embassy, speak to family & friends who have done it

You want to build a website 

Find a website you like, email them on who they used, ask your more techy friends, watch a YouTube tutorial

You want to stop smoking

Books, TV Shows, Podcasts, your GP, your friends that have done it

But it’s not the HOW is it?

I just presented more than a dozen solutions to the problems, and chances are you’re not enlightened. Even if I presented some new tips there, you aren’t feeling inspired, motivated or committed.


Because it’s not the lack of information or strategies that are preventing you from taking action, it’s the lack of self-belief.

You don’t believe you can do it. Others can, but you’ve got a million and one ‘legitimate’ reasons you can reel off to me as to why you can’t.

Well, as your coach, I don’t entertain excuses. I would be doing you a disservice if I did. 

I see through your ‘But I don’t know how’, I wade past the ‘I just don’t have time’, and I get to work on your mind. Changing your mindset one negative confidence-blasting self-limiting thought at a time. 

And once you believe in change. Once you believe YOU can, then the How’s aren’t an obstacle. They’re merely a fun information-gathering project.

So enough indulging in excuses. Take the first step to changing your mindset and get yourself a coach.  Even after one session you’ll notice a difference.  And these types of differences are long-lasting as they get to the root of it all - they go for your mind.

I’m ready for you.

Dina Grishin