Boost the Creative Mind

We all get into bad habits. We all have times when we get into a slump.

We’re not at our best. Nothing has gone wrong.

We just need a pick me up. Like a Pret Ginger shot or a Hell Week at Barry’s Bootcamp.

Well this is what this coaching program is.

A vitamin for the brain.

It’s a short sharp injection of focus, clarity, and growth.

It’s 4 weeks with a coach where we set the goal and get to work on it. No distractions, all focus on getting you into the state you want to be in.

Focus on one area of your life or cover them all.

The power is in your hands.

POSITIVITY BOOST – if you’ve been stuck in rumination, beating down on yourself, feeling hopeless or just straight out making anxiety a lifestyle. You just want to feel better. This is 4 weeks of brain training for positivity. Trust me, the brain is like a muscle, it needs training. Left to its own devices it will be a coach potato and turn to moaning, blaming and negativity. We’re wired to spot problems. I’ve got the tools to wire you to spot opportunities and cultivate an optimistic culture.

PURPOSE BOOST – you’re good at what you do, you’ve been doing it for a while, but you have started to feel like something’s missing. Hard to describe, it’s like an emptiness, a lack of lustre, which if left unchecked will end up feeling like you’re lost and directionless. Time for a purpose boost! You’ve outgrown you and it’s time to decide which direction is the next stage of your evolution. In order to do that we do a re-assessment of what’s important to you, what your strengths are, whether you’re able to use them in your daily life. Look at what lights your world. Maybe it’s not the job you’re in, it’s this side business you’ve been dreaming of…who knows what comes out of this activity, but it’s always resulted in delight, renewed positivity, invigorated inspiration and motivation.

MONEY BOOST – money is not something we talk about every day, but it’s something we deal with everyday. If you feel you’ve hit a glass ceiling, if you have problems charging what you’re worth or you don’t believe you’ll ever not be struggling, this is the program for you. We dig into your hidden limiting money beliefs and reprogram them for success.

RELATIONSHIP BOOST – if you can’t say no, if you’re a people pleaser, if your friends drain you, if you don’t have the friends you want, if you always date the same bad stereotype, if you feel you attract toxic people. Whatever the people problem is, we can work on it once and for all.

CONFIDENCE BOOST – if you had more confidence, what doors would it open for you? Would you be able to breeze through networking events, talk about your work in a way that attracts clients and doesn’t sound big-headed, share your passion projects with the world, go up to that guy/girl you fancy, speak out in meetings, go for that promotion….I could go on. If this speaks to you then it’s 4 weeks of cultivating your brand of confidence that’s authentic to you.

HEALTH BOOST – it’s as much a mental game as it’s a physical game. Don’t go on beating yourself up, that’s not how you’ll get your results. This program is about improving your relationship with your body through mind hacks that will mean you stick to whatever regime we decide is good for you.

THE MEGA BOOST – this is the 5 weeker. It’s all of the above and then some.

One BOOST coaching program is all you may need this year to perk yourself up and get you back on track. Don’t delay your happiness any longer. Book in a Breakthrough call with me to find out which program is best for you.

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