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Coaching for creatives

Creatives are my tribe!

I love and admire creatives. They don't conform to the secure and steady 9 to 5 lifestyle, no! They opt for the challenging and exciting world of freelancing. They are so brave, they manage risk and uncertainty, they put themselves out there, they learn fast and on the go, they meet so many different people from different backgrounds acquiring people skills that aren't taught in formal education, they challenge themselves, take bold steps into the unknown, they expose their vulnerability through their art, they express their most inner souls, they become creative artistic entrepreneurs with no one telling them whether this is right or wrong, simply trusting their inner voice and guidance.....

But do you think for one second they would ever think or say that about themselves?? Hell no!

There is A LOT of doubt

The creatives I coach come to be because they're anxious about the future, overwhelmed with juggling so many projects or roles. They're uncertain about whether they're doing the right thing. They get worried about what other people think of them, whether they're liked. They see what someone else is creating on Instagram and instead of feeling inspired, they wonder if they will ever be able to reach such heights. They get frustrated at themselves for procrastinating over their side projects. They wonder how time slips away and how other people are able to produce so much work.

I never doubt you!

If you resonated with the above, know that I can see your strengths so clearly. You're used to thinking about your weaknesses. I don't look at them. I see your unique talents.

I can help

I listen to you. I let you empty your head of noise and in that I find patterns, themes, contradictions and blind spots that you aren't aware of. Simply bringing them into awareness creates a huge mindshift for you. I've literally seen lightbulbs going off. But I don't stop there.

I have many exercises and strategies that I've tested on myself first and on hundreds of other creatives. I know they work wonders and can help you get out of bad habits, low moods, and negative thinking. You then have these techniques for life. Good coaching is not about making you reliant on me so you come back week after week, it's about making me redundant in your life. It's about teaching you how to manage your mind so you leave the sessions enlightened and empowered. I give you my all in each session, so sometimes it's only taken the one call for a creative to make powerful changes!

My experience

I coach creatives from all around the world, day in and day out in my role as Head Life Coach at Mastered - a talent accelerator program for creatives wanting to enter the fashion industry.

I predominantly coach photographers, art directors, make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, graphic designers, and brand owners (menswear, womenswear, jewellery, shoes, accessories). But, like I said, creatives are my tribe, so if you’re another creative discipline, I can help you too.


Coaching options

I liken coaching to holidays. Sometimes all you need is a weekend break. Other times you need a full-on sabbatical. And other times you don’t know what you need until it’s presented in front of you and you’re like BOOM, this is it, sign me up.

I’ve taken this into consideration and given you a guide of what those different coaching ‘holidays’ look like. Read through and click on the one that resonates with what you feel you want right now.

One time coaching sessions


For those who don’t like commitment and want a resolution now.


Is 30 minutes enough? Hell yes. It cuts out the crap. Just like when the deadline is tomorrow you suddenly don’t procrastinate and you get it done, so too you’ll find these 30 minutes mean we lazer in on the actual problem and get you to the resolution faster than you ever imagined. No small talk at the beginning we just dive straight in.

Good for when you need to make decisions.


This is when you don’t know if you want to do multiple coaching sessions, but you do know you need to speak to a life coach.

Good for when you need a thinking partner and sounding board.

5 sessions to freedom


For those who know that to work ON yourself you need to invest time IN yourself. These sessions are more exploratory because they’re about looking at old patterns in your life and behaviours you haven’t wanted to address. A lot of the realisations will also occur in-between sessions when what we spoke about sinks in and you try out new behaviours. During this stage of growth when you’re discovering a different way of being, it’s important to have a safe space and a non-judgmental someone to take these amazing new discoveries. I got your back.

Good for those that are serious about making change.

Luxe edition: 10 sessions


For when you’re making big changes in your life. Moving countries, changing professions, going freelance. I’ll be your constant throughout it all. We’ll delve deep, explore, learn and grow. Big shifts in your external world require big shifts in your internal world. They also require time in-between sessions so you can act on what we spoke about. These sessions are usually bought as a package for the year and taken about once a month.

Good for deep dive exploratory work and long-term changes in life.

"After speaking to Dina for just fifteen minutes I already felt the motivation I had been lacking in beforehand, it was like a weight had been lifted.

Dina helped me discover a fresh perspective and provided invaluable tools to help me look at things from a different angle. Her insight encouraged me to take a different approach which has proved to be a big key in getting out of my previous mindset and taking steps towards where I want to be."

Ellie, Barcelona