with individuals, brands & organisations

I collaborate with values-driven organisations who are passionate about empowering creatives with self-leadership and resilience. Whether you’re a small brand, large creative organisation, solo educator, fitness professional or entrepreneur in start-up, I can help.

Just as long as you like to laugh. Lots.

How it works

You bring the problem, I’ll have the solution.

Previous problems I’ve helped with have been finding individual and team strengths, how to structure effective 1-2-1s, goal-setting, motivation, emotional intelligence, and managing anxiety.


Together we create some unique and super transformational workshops, courses or retreats specially tailored for your team or audience.


coaching services

I can help you design a coaching service to offer. Be it for your staff at your company, for your customers or a course you’re writing.

If your work is related to education or behaviour change, you will be outstanded with the results once you introduce coaching, because it’s not information that changes us, it’s our mindset.

wellbeing initiatives

So you’re signed a pledge that you’re going to be investing in the wellbeing of your staff and you have no idea where to start?

You read up on some initiatives some companies took, but it doesn’t feel like those will fit with your company culture? You’ve attended mental health training workshops and have left enlightened but still don’t know what the first step would be for you?

Fear not, I can help you make wellbeing tangible and design initiatives to fit with your company culture.

Brands and organisations I’ve worked with previously

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