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We have sold out for the January 2019 intake.

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about the programme

This isn’t for people who are failing, it’s for those who want to deep dive into themselves to know how to get to the next level, powerfully, purposefully and with the support and tools to break through barriers.

This is coaching on the go, real-time, designed to fit around your life.

Every day take a giant step closer to your ambitions and goals for 2019 and see how far you come in five weeks – you will be amazed about what you can achieve!

It only takes 15 minutes a day with powerful coaching exercises, group sharing and coaching to ignite that momentum and drive you’ve been yearning for.

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Make this year different

Who is this for?

You may work out in the gym or go to classes to work on your body, but what do you do for your mind?

And if you do work on your mind, are you fed up with not seeing tangible results because you’ve been doing it on your own?

Kickstart 2019 is for people who want a bootcamp for the mind.

This is for people who are interested in self-discovery, personal growth and self-leadership.

This is for people who want to make changes not through more talking, not by reading another book or listening to another podcast but for people who want to follow-through on knowledge with action.

Change doesn’t happen from just one event, one lightbulb moment, one workshop. It comes in small incremental steps which cement learning into your everyday. It comes when you have group accountability and you feel you’re all in it together.

In previous years we’ve had mixed groups of men and women, between 25 - 45, from both corporate and creative backgrounds, working alone or in teams, married and single, based in London, Australia and North America. Who knows what amazing people will be sharing the journey in your group this year?

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Proven process to get results

The power of group coaching

I cannot begin to tell you how powerful group coaching is.

How many times have you wanted to do something but gave up before you started because doing it alone felt too immense?

How often have you indulged in procrastination because no one's there to be accountable to?

Have you ever needed help, and you've got friends...but you haven't reached out because you didn't want to burden them?

Everything changes when you leverage an accountability system. Then it changes even more when you make your goals public to your group. As can be seen with support groups already out there transforming lives - weight watchers and AA. Studies show that dieters enrolled in a slimming support group like Weight Watchers lost 5 times more weight than dieters who did it alone. AA found that social support is the primary factor in success for overcoming addiction long-term.

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.” — Thomas S. Monson

Here’s how it will work

  • We will have 1 group call a week on a Monday via Zoom or Skype.

  • One group will be UK morning time and one will be UK evening time, so all timezones can fit in to one or the other.

  • You will be enrolled into a Private Facebook group where all the exercises and tasks will be posted.

  • Daily Monday to Friday a new exercise will be posted for you in the FB group to work on that day.

  • The exercises take about 15 mins.

  • All the exercises have been taken from proven spheres that work - positive psychology, NLP, coaching, performance science and neuropsychology.

  • Some, you can spend longer on, but weekdays are for your first gut reaction.

  • Weekends you can reflect on and rest.

  • The group is there for you to ask for help, share learnings and insight, challenge and hold each other accountable, celebrate success and watch each other grow through this extraordinary process.

  • In addition, I will be popping in to comment, challenge, prod, keep accountable and celebrate your wins.

  • You will also get 3 individual calls with me before the programme, during and after.

  • At the end you will be enrolled into a graduation FB group which is not for posting fluff, but only to help and support each other when need be.

Are you in?

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