The School of You

5 week group online coaching challenge | Starts 15 Sep 2019 | Last few places left

The school of you is a coaching program like no other.

It’s 5 lessons in you.

Prepare to discover how shaking up your routine with little weekly challenges can have a BIG impact on your IQ, EQ, health, happiness, work and relationships.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, this can all be done online.

Designed specially to fit around your life whether you’re working full-time, travel a lot, have kids, or an unpredictable schedule.

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll receive an email with a video announcing the challenge for the week.

  • Video will reveal the scientifically proved benefits behind why that challenge is awesome for your brain, your growth and your soul.

  • You will get plenty of examples of how you can apply and modify the challenge to fit in your life.

  • Then off you go! You have a week to do it in.

  • Submit your results at the end of the week VIA VOICE NOTE!!!

  • Yes, I’ve made it super simple. No printing out and filling out long worksheets. Simply record a voice message of how you found the challenge, anywhere between 3 - 10 mins long. (Email option available for those who don’t like voicemail).

  • Get individual feedback on your challenge (also via voice note).

  • Get anonymous group feedback. I’ll leave a ‘group findings’ voicemail so you find out how others approached the challenge and learn through group power.

Is it a group or is it individual?

It’s both!

I know, I know, how can that be?

Here’s how.

There will be a small number of you all doing the challenge at the same time. You all start on the same day and finish on the same day.

You won’t know who the others are (unless you’ve signed on with a friend), but you will learn from each other.

I will be doing a round-up summary of the week’s challenge and talking about how you all approached the challenge in your different ways. Names will remain anonymous, you’ll be referred to by your location. So you’ll have people from around the world doing the same thing, in their own different ways. You’re all on the journey together.

Why am I doing it this way? Because there’s power in numbers, groups give you momentum and buzz, but they’re not for everyone. Introverts, I got your back.

This format allows you to benefit from the group but takes the pressure off group eyes on you and gives you your own space.

What are the challenges?

It’s a secret! They wouldn’t be challenges if you could prepare for them in advance.

But I will give a little clue on the areas of your life we are covering:

  • Your routine

  • Your environment

  • Your habits

  • Your beliefs

  • Your self-talk

  • Your communication

  • Your courage

What can I expect?

  • Discover your hidden strengths

  • Increase your IQ & EQ

  • Surprise yourself about what you’re capable of

  • Sky-rocket your confidence

  • Develop your courage and become a braver you

  • Feel the love and support of knowing you’re doing this with others

  • Wake up happy and excited

  • Improve your communication with yourself and those around you

  • Understand yourself better

  • Learn productivity hacks

  • Get access to the exact videos and mentors that changed my life and my business

  • Get feedback, support and guidance from your coach

Want to hear what others have to say?

Here are some testimonials from Kickstart, the 5 week online coaching program I ran in January 2019. It was a slightly different program, but the coach is the same, and the content is refined…

“Kickstart program helped me finally admit to myself what I really want from life and gave me the tools to go after it. It’s been guiding my day-to-day decisions ever since! It’s also allowed me to see what attitudes and behaviours I need to let go off to live a fuller life.”

“It was like being back at school again (in a great way). I was telling people 'I have homework to do!' every day and I really enjoyed having something new and different to think about and deconstruct every day.”

“I didn't know what to expect, but I did think that I needed to maximize every experience and get the most out of the situation. I felt like I needed to control the output to get results, but through this program I learned to trust the process, to be open and to believe in myself. It's given me tools to understand behaviours and thought patterns that I previously didn't know or understand and that's been pretty massive for me. Also, it’s just given me a deeper understanding of my personality type and what drives me.”

And if you’re wondering what kind of coach I am, here’s how one of my one-on-one clients describes me:

“Dina has a no-nonsense approach to coaching. She will break down your journey into simple, manageable steps, whilst giving you exercises that will make you ask yourself the right questions for you to grow. She's the perfect remedy for all creative procrastinators, and an amazing shoulder to rely on. If you want to get things done, I highly recommend giving her a call!”

More here

Are you ready?

You don’t need a problem, a crisis or a goal to join. You just need to be excited about discovering your hidden strengths and shaking up your everyday.

Full-time? This is the development and support you WISH you got from your company.

Self-employed? This is the routine and personal development that will sky rocket your focus, productivity and happiness.

If making small changes to your weekly routine could improve your happiness and productivity, would it be worth spending 5 weeks to find out what you’re really capable of?

Shake up your everyday this September!

All applications are via a call because I make sure you’re 100% happy to come on board, and that this is the program for you. Book a call with me via my scheduler below.

To apply book a call below or email me at