If you need someone to interview or a passionate speaker, I'm your girl. Some of the topics I can talk endlessly on are:

  • Positive psychology - what is it and how can I get some?
  • Quarter Life Crisis - how to come out the other side
  • Self-belief & Confidence - it's an inside job
  • Russian-English cultural differences and what we can learn from them
  • The transferrable skills of travelling
  • Understanding your other half if they're a creative and you're not
  • Using your mind to break bad health habits
  • Career changing tips and tricks
  • The Expat journey out and back into London
  • Interesting & authentic conversations - putting an end to small chat
  • Ending procrastination & nailing time management
  • Crackbook & Instasham - why SM is making us more isolated & anxious


I offer bespoke workshops tailored to your organisation or team. You tell me your needs and what you'd like to learn about and I dig into my positive psychology and coaching bag of tricks and design you a special and exciting workshop. Past themes have included:

  • Strengths workshop - how working on your weaknesses is outdated
  • Positive Psychology - what is it and how can I get some?
  • The art of interesting conversation
  • Being authentic at work
  • Returning to work after maternity leave
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Boundaries - key to ending people pleasing and burnout

Interested? Get in touch below and let's get cracking!

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