Dina. Your straight-talking coach.


"Coaching was one of those things that I didn't know I needed until I actually did it. I'm very glad I did because it's been amazing and I think all creatives should try it. I came to Dina while recovering from injuries and I was struggling with the adjustment back to working while still recovering. I was generally negative, anxious, depressed and had lost a lot of faith in myself and my photography work. Working with Dina has helped me find a new appreciation for myself and look at things from a different perspective, reevaluate what I had been doing and even gave me the words and tools to work on issues I could never verbalise before. Dina has helped put me on a new braver path, shift my head space to a much more positive and appreciative one and generally helped me grow. Coaching has helped me find more balance in my life, open my mind, give me more clarity and made me feel like I'm worth it."

Anthony Tosello,

Fashion & Portrait Photographer, Melbourne


“Coaching has been amazing. I think every single creative should have a coach. It is hard to work as a sensitive human being and feel criticised when the person criticising may only just have a different vision. It is also harder to manage personal life and work especially as a freelancer and it's nice to have someone guide you or just tell you that whatever you are feeling-you are not the only one. Creativity is hard, it doesn't come everyday it's not math there is no real answer. A coach will help you find something close enough to an answer and make you feel like you are worth it!”

Mahaut Harley

Art Director, London

“I didn’t expect much from coaching to be honest, being quite a stubborn person. But the advice I got started marking sense, and the slight change of mindset made many situations easier to deal with. The surprise for me was that trusting people who know better is not a sign of weakness. For years I lived with the idea that being an artist means being creative and nothing else, and that made many aspects of my life quite difficult. Coaching gives you a different perspective of who you are as a businesses owner, and in general as a person who’s in charge of all aspects of their life.”

Sabina Pinsone

Freelance Make-up Artist, Berlin


“Coaching has given me a real sense of discipline - Organising myself more efficiently as a freelance stylist has helped my time management considerably and has therefore taken my business to next level. Dina's words were priceless, I really connected with her in the sense that she understood so brilliantly the message that I want to communicate in this world and I am beyond excited for my future - forever grateful.”

Elodie Fromenteau

Fashion Stylist & Creative Director, London

“I have been in therapy to help me get out of serious anxiety attacks and depression, but coaching was something new for me. So far I’ve taken 5 sessions with Dina and in this short time she has helped me get back on track when I feel lost.

Dina has been observing my behaviour, my pattern of speech to advise what works best, giving a detailed experience to the individual.

Every time I get off the phone with Dina I feel energised and motivated. She’s encouraging and she is there to remind me of the progress made, when it tends to be overlooked.

Since I’ve met Dina I made progress in my personal development. I have to thank Dina for working together with me to make me understand more in depth.”

Matteo Bigliardi

Menswear Designer, Brighton

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"I loved being coached by Dina and really looked forward to our sessions. Our coaching sessions were informal and fun yet highly beneficial in getting to the root cause of my limiting beliefs. Dina helped me to discover and solve the issues I was facing by asking me a series of questions so I could identify a solution for myself. Her coaching style helped me to re-frame my negative thoughts to turn them into a positive and take action where it was most needed. I’ve come a long way since my coaching sessions with Dina and still recall the approaches, ideas and philosophical ideas we used to talk about to this day. I would definitely recommend Dina as a life coach if you want to shake things up in your life and career, and obtain doable steps and methods to overcome and challenge your limiting beliefs."

Kate Knell

Educator, Mindfulness coach & Fitness professional, Australia