Dina. Your straight-talking coach.


"After speaking to Dina for just fifteen minutes I already felt the motivation I had been lacking in beforehand, it was like a weight had been lifted.

Dina helped me discover a fresh perspective and provided invaluable tools to help me look at things from a different angle. Her insight encouraged me to take a different approach which has proved to be a big key in getting out of my previous mindset and taking steps towards where I want to be."

Ellie, Barcelona 

"I always looked forward to my coaching sessions with Dina. I enjoyed the mixture of tools she introduced me to which got me breaking things down and understanding behaviours and assumptions that would normally be going round and round in my head with no end. I particularly liked what felt like a very natural approach to a coaching conversation and Dina's stellar insights, many of which are still with me today because they really shifted my thinking. One of the areas I chose to focus on was developing my creativity. Following on from my coaching sessions I can honestly say I have had the most creative year to date - drawing, painting and taking up poetry writing."

Vanessa, London


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching from Dina. It has helped me develop the skills to evade the doubts I have of starting my business. Doubts will always be there but Dina has helped me realise it's how I feel about those doubts is what matters. And by looking to where I have confidence and taking that into my business to help it, and me, grow. Also Dina has helped me articulate the goals that I have and the lifestyle I'd like to achieve, but not in a 'I want this and I want that and my turn over will be X by next year' more in a whole way. I can see that running myself into the ground won't be the way I'd like to live, and if that means my business will grow a bit slower then so be it. I'd recommend Dina for coaching and would come back to her in the future when I have another tweak in my journey to make."

Lizzie, London

"I came to Dina in a place in my life where I had placed a lot of crossroads in front of me and I was unsure how to tackle it.  Talking with her enabled me to move proactively forward with clarity with choices I felt confident in taking.  Life coaching with Dina is so useful as she helps you to tap into the strength of your inner self and move away from the uncomfortable pressure of uncertainty.  The sessions are informal and conversational.  Yet they are also underpinned with questions that challenged my pattern of negative thought (that was getting me into mental knots).  This re-framed my perspective.  I believe I've picked up useful tools from these sessions to fall back on in the future.  If you feel you have too many IF's, BUT's, WHY'S, HOW's, CAN'TS in your life I can thoroughly recommend Dina.  I am, I can and I do."

Elly, London  

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"I loved being coached by Dina and really looked forward to our sessions. Our coaching sessions were informal and fun yet highly beneficial in getting to the root cause of my limiting beliefs. Dina helped me to discover and solve the issues I was facing by asking me a series of questions so I could identify a solution for myself. Her coaching style helped me to re-frame my negative thoughts to turn them into a positive and take action where it was most needed. I’ve come a long way since my coaching sessions with Dina and still recall the approaches, ideas and philosophical ideas we used to talk about to this day. I would definitely recommend Dina as a life coach if you want to shake things up in your life and career, and obtain doable steps and methods to overcome and challenge your limiting beliefs."

Kate, Australia