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quarter life crisis coaching

You're not a sum total of your CV. You're way more.

Do you feel lost, stuck or unfulfilled in your current job? Do you feel there's more to life and more to you?

You may not know where your to go next and how to get there, you just know that you don't want to feel like this.

Good news is that you don't need to know the how. You just need to get started.

I specialise in the Quarter Life Crisis and can help you navigate your way out. So if you've been indecisive, if your thoughts have caused paralysis by analysis, it's time to get a life coach. It's not the circumstances that are causing you pain, it's your thinking. I know, I've been there myself, and I've helped others manage their mindset and become super emotionally intelligent and aware so they're no longer consumed with fear, doubt and anxiety. They are able to harness their thoughts and emotions and leave feeling motivated, sure of themselves, and excited about the future. 


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Coaching creative professionals

Trust the process.

Am I doing it right? There are so many more successful creatives out there, how do I stand out? How can I motivate myself? I love my work, but why do I procrastinate?

I work with creative professionals such as photographers, MUAs, hair stylists, fashion stylists, art directors, and brand owners wanting to get into the fashion industry. You guys aren't alone, although it can sometimes feel like it. You are doing incredible bold things and when it's good, when you're in flow, oh my god is it such a high! But sometimes you don't hear back from agents, sometimes shoots go wrong, sometimes you have so much on you're too exhausted. It can feel like it's too much and you won't make it.

I can help. I can see your inner spark when you feel it's gone and I can light it. I've worked with hundreds of creatives to help them get in touch with their inner inspiration and motivation and I can help you. 

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About me

my name is dina

I'm Moscow-born, London-bred.

I have a BA in psychology and an MSc from the world's first Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology course. Boom! It was ground-breaking and I can't wait to share the insight with you!

I have worked in the public, private and very private (luxury) sectors. I've worked in London and Buenos Aires. I've worked freelance, temp, perm, part-time, over-time. I've worked in English-speaking roles as well as Russian-speaking ones. I've had active on your feet roles and desk-based roles. I've worked in large corporations, small businesses, in start-ups, and freelancing.

I know what it's like not to know, to make changes, to start over, to put yourself out there. I've coached myself and hired coaches. And thanks to all that experience I am confident I can help you get clear on what to do next and to make it all less daunting! We're going to make this fun.



Procrastinator? No you're better than that. You're a baker.

Do you put off things to the last second? Do you think of that as a bad trait?
Well if you label it as procrastination, then you most probably do, because society has attached a negative value to it and cast it as an undesirable trait.
What if you were to attach a different label?What if the time between when you get an assignment and the time you actually sit down to do it is just the creative process? You’re not putting the work off, really, what you’re doing is ‘baking’ the idea....


Life coaching testimonials

"I always looked forward to my coaching sessions with Dina. I enjoyed the mixture of tools she introduced me to which got me breaking things down and understanding behaviours and assumptions that would normally be going round and round in my head with no end. I particularly liked what felt like a very natural approach to a coaching conversation and Dina's stellar insights, many of which are still with me today because they really shifted my thinking. One of the areas I chose to focus on was developing my creativity. Following on from my coaching sessions I can honestly say I have had the most creative year to date - drawing, painting and taking up poetry writing." - Vanessa, London