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I’m a life & business coach

I help heart-led, values-driven creatives and entrepreneurs breakthrough, flourish and thrive.

Do you have big hopes and dreams but come up against resistance?

Are you motivated and inspired most of the time, but have days where you stall and you just want to have the strength, confidence and knowledge to breakthrough it?

Are you wiped with the highs and lows of the emotional rollercoaster that is the creative life and dream of relaxing around money so you can have the freedom you crave?

Yes? Ok, cool. You’re in the right place. I got your back.

I get who you are and what keeps you up at night and I have a solution that will help you. My superpower is that I'm a creative soul with a super organised business mind. I make it really simple for highly creative people, who are all over the place, to get control of their time, their life, and their stress. I have personalised coaching tools that actually work for YOU in YOUR world, and that get you the money you know you deserve.

I've worked with over 1000 creatives from Australia to Alaska, from Kazakhstan to Kenya, from art director to photographer, from hair stylist to make-up artist. Each one I helped get back in touch with their inner inspiration and motivation and I can help you. 


Hey there. I’m Dina.

I help creatives break through their glass ceiling and up level their profits so that they can make more money, in less time, doing what they love.

Too many creatives give up on their dream because they think they can’t earn a living from it. Now, more than ever, the world needs creative souls and their talent out there. So I have made it my mission to empower creatives.

I work on the inner and outer principles for success and look at your business and financial potential from an organic and spiritual perspective. What that means to you is that you get a wise-sage-meets-kick-ass authentic life and business coach. I'm also very spiritual, and I don't pretend to hide it. Because I'm not delicate, you'll always get a straight-talking, direct and honest response from me.

Who am I? How did I become a life & business coach? Can I help you? Read my full story….



"Coaching was one of those things that I didn't know I needed until I actually did it. I'm very glad I did because it's been amazing and I think all creatives should try it. I came to Dina while recovering from injuries and I was struggling with the adjustment back to working while still recovering. I was generally negative, anxious, depressed and had lost a lot of faith in myself and my photography work. Working with Dina has helped me find a new appreciation for myself and look at things from a different perspective, reevaluate what I had been doing and even gave me the words and tools to work on issues I could never verbalise before. Dina has helped put me on a new braver path, shift my head space to a much more positive and appreciative one and generally helped me grow. Coaching has helped me find more balance in my life, open my mind, give me more clarity and made me feel like I'm worth it."

Anthony Tosello,

Fashion & Portrait Photographer, Melbourne

“Coaching has been amazing. I think every single creative should have a coach. It is hard to work as a sensitive human being and feel criticised when the person criticising may only just have a different vision. It is also harder to manage personal life and work especially as a freelancer and it's nice to have someone guide you or just tell you that whatever you are feeling-you are not the only one. Creativity is hard, it doesn't come everyday it's not math there is no real answer. A coach will help you find something close enough to an answer and make you feel like you are worth it!”

Mahaut Harley

Art Director, London

“I have been in therapy to help me get out of serious anxiety attacks and depression, but coaching was something new for me. So far I’ve taken 5 sessions with Dina and in this short time she has helped me get back on track when I feel lost.

Dina has been observing my behaviour, my pattern of speech to advise what works best, giving a detailed experience to the individual.

Every time I get off the phone with Dina I feel energised and motivated. She’s encouraging and she is there to remind me of the progress made, when it tends to be overlooked.

Since I’ve met Dina I made progress in my personal development. I have to thank Dina for working together with me to make me understand more in depth.”

Matteo Bigliardi

Menswear Designer, Brighton